Harley and Le'a

November 28, 2018

A few weeks ago, I set out with a camera to capture some fun and special relationships between equines and their owners.  It was a fascinating few days with some lovely four legged friends.

One of the first I met was Harlequin, although he's known as Harley by everyone!

Harley has been owned by Le'a for almost all his little life as she bought him as an unhandled yearling and he's now eight. He's a super special Cob x TB skewbald who is very much Le'a's pride and joy, a real head turner and super smart. He was a pleasure to back an bring on and is now fast becoming a very successful little show horse. Having seen him performing in the ring, he so knows just how to attract a judge's attention when it matters.

Showing is first and foremost Le'a's passion, but Harley can turn his hooves to a bit of dressage and show jumping if required.  He has been in the ribbons many times already, giving Le'a plenty of proud moments to cherish.

He may not know it, but he'll be part of Le'a's life for as long as he's around and she's excited to see where their partnership goes into the future.  Equally he so knows that he's a very special boy and thoroughly enjoys being pampered, both by Le'a and his yard pals. Le'a knows that she spoils him rotten, but wouldn't have it any other way, even if a little bribery is required on occasion!