Renaye and Vigoro

April 03, 2017

In spite of a rather damp start to the day on Friday, the rain held off and more importantly Vigoro was sound.

Vigoro is a 17hh Dutch Warmblood dressage horse that Renaye has owned and nurtured for the last five years. He struggles with injuries - a small scratch can render him hopelessly lame - and worst still, his nerves often get the better of him on a regular basis.

He has the potential to compete at Advanced or Prix St. George (PSG), but while he's calm at home, the stress of plaiting, travel and warming up can up his stress levels to such a point that competing is too much for him, begging the question 'what happened before Renaye found him?'

To overcome his fear of the unknown, and to keep him at his best Renaye has been training with Jill Stone, not so much a dressage 'teacher' than a biomechanics specialist who works, with both horse and rider to ensure they are working in harmony. For Vigoro, this has made an enormous difference to his performance. They are hoping that with a bit of patience, Vigoro will prove his ability can transfer from home to the competition arena.